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Charles Simmons, Senior Strategic Alliance Director, BPO/BPaaS at NetSuite, recently delivered cogent remarks on the state of global enterprise with regard to the NetSuite cloud service package. He pays special attention to the evolving needs and concerns of corporate IT. Read on for a quick summary of his major points:


NetSuite Cloud to the Rescue


Certain inescapable realities—escalating costs, customer expectations, capital improvement necessities—perennially pressure enterprise decision makers. Cloud computing is a panacea of sorts for organizations facing such difficult budgets; its potential to alleviate formerly intractable business snarls almost defies belief. Let’s break it down, point by point:


Version Lock: a Thing of the Past


Customizations often paint IT infrastructure into a corner—as soon as you’re satisfied with the current layout, you run into compatibility issues during the upgrade. And things only get worse when you need to extend to new business processes. NetSuite cloud products neatly sidestep the enormous capital expenditure associated with traditional IT, instead pitching its services as operational expenditures. The takeaway? Higher sales velocity, long-term revenue potential, and streamlined project lifecycles.


Put Your Energy Where It’s Needed


Logistics quickly become overwhelming in the realm of commodity IT hardware. It was all many businesses could do just to keep their existing customers satisfied in the wake of constant maintenance issues and restless technology thresholds. In the NetSuite cloud, businesses can proactively reclaim that lost bandwidth and apply it towards premium customer service, collaborative undertakings, and even one-off consultation. NetSuite’s powerful SaaS model coordinates the details with ease, freeing your employees to invest effort in the enterprise as a whole.


Service Foremost


Extensible by nature, NetSuite cloud hosts an impressive array of development tools, including SuiteTalk, SuiteFlow, and SuiteBundler. Value-added services are the name of the game here, and the company prides itself on developer-friendly architecture based on trusted standards. Your developers will be able to jump right in, which pays off in the long run with rapid, exceptionally flexible deliverables.


Recognize the Landscape

The industry as a whole is converting to the cloud at an incredible pace. The fact is, cloud computing aligns with clients’ demands. They want transparent, unlimited access to global markets for both labor and customers. They expect record-breaking time-to-market. They want to do something about exorbitant capital outlay associated with IT facilities. NetSuite cloud surpasses expectations in these areas and more, and it’s presented as a scalable, operational expenditure model.


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