What Magento Private Sales Can Do for a Business’s Online Store

 What Magento Private Sales Can Do for a Business’s Online Store 


Any business utilizing Magento should seriously consider installing Magento Private Sales.  Magento is an eCommerce platform which gives online retailers the utensils to sell more products.  Ultimately, this means that the business will make more money.

Now, Magento is offering its customers the chance to hide certain parts of their online stores as well as lock other parts.  This means that guests to the website will not gain access to specific places in the online store.  Thus, Magento Private Sales gives businesses complete authority over privacy controls on their websites.


But what about the customers?

Magento Private Sales can be utilized to restrict an area of a business’s online store to registered visitors.  For example, visitors who have a customer account can access a VIP area on the website.  The company can also stop a customer from registering for an account if they do not have an activation code.  But this is of course optional.  However, when a customer receives their activation code, they are authorized to visit the business’s site again to create a customer account.

A business can set even more features which restrict customer access.  Utilizing Magento Private Sales, the company can disable the “forgot password” tool, hide catalog navigation, and place a custom error message when the customer attempts to access the blocked registration link.  A business can even block the full online store out of customer sight if they want to.  Or if not, its catalog search, product view and search tools can be locked separately.

Of course, as soon as the customer is logged in through their activated customer account, all the restrictions which were originally in place, are removed.


Why Magento Private Sales?

Magento Private Sales is a great way for a business to control the privacy of its online store.  And it gives the business complete agency over all parts of its website.