Thank you all for contributing to our last New York eCommerce Meetup – we had a great turnout and we’re just as excited for the next one! Before that, we wanted to review some of the highlights from May’s Meetup.

We were fortunate to have Lior Itzhak from the Forest Hills Financial Group (FHFG) serve as one of our speakers. At FHFG, Lior strives to protect his clients’ assets for retirement and also develop their wealth in creative ways.

“Our role as a financial advisor in the Meetup was to help these businesses plan ahead to be protected against future and unforeseen financial disasters,” said Lior, “our role was also to offer guidance on protecting the entity’s interests when taking on new investors, members or shareholders. We were able to communicate the importance of having well prepared and thoroughly reviewed agreements, including subscription agreements, buy-sell agreements and even shareholder and operating agreements.”

Lior also spoke about the encouraging entrepreneurial spirit that the New York eCommerce Group Meetup fosters. “Anyone looking to start a new business or taking their existing business to the next level would benefit from attending the e-commerce Meetup,” said Lior, “the Meetup can educate you on what you need for your business including the best type of corporate structure. It can also teach you how to obtain the financing needed for the business as well as how to maximize your budget, including the best way to spend the money you have.”

“The Meetup will also teach you the best way to optimize your business through e-commerce, including integrating your site with others. The advantage of this particular Meetup is the diversity of the participants including attendees from Amazon, various e-commerce retailers and online start-ups.”

the living balance sheet
the living balance sheet


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Please feel free to comment on your experience at our Meetup or ask any questions about e-commerce, entrepreneurship, wealth management, or any other topics from this Meetup! Hara Partners would be happy to answer any questions you have.

We hope to see you at the next one!