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Magento Development

Magento Development

Okay, the question on everybody’s mind (hopefully): how do I get in touch one of those rare, gifted, special Magento developers?

Well, we have plenty of articles below related to that very question. Our premier piece, Hiring a Magento Web Developer, talks all about that. We also have articles related to Magento optimization, custom order numbers, Magento Netsuite integration, and sales tax modules.

In addition, we published an article on why you should choose Hara Partners for Magento development. We’ve been working closely with Magento since their brand first hit the market in 2007.

Our professionals first reverse-engineered the Magento software in early 2008 and ever since, we’ve been creating, customizing and integrating for our 250+ satisfied customers.

The Hara Partners staff consist of a core carefully cultivated experts from fields spanning the business and eCommerce development spectra, and their hand-picked teams. Having experts from across all of business permits us to take a more holistic approach to Magento development in which we examine your business across its entire face – from marketing and sales strategies, to design and development and all the way to market analysis and long term planning.

At Hara Partners we ascribe to the belief that without listening to the customer we’ll never be able to make them happy; and so we place a heavy emphasis on transparency and collaboration. In fact, you’ll play an integral role throughout the entire process, tasked with brainstorming, strategizing and decision making duties, as well as reviewing and okaying strategies, blueprints and mock-ups at carefully chosen checkpoints. And we’ll take pains to ensure our relationship doesn’t end when the project has been completed, instead we’ll be there to ease you through updates, help with new feature training and troubleshooting, and to handle any future development issues, whether they be business oriented or technical in nature.

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