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Social Media

Social Media

You know the drill: there are a boatload of social marketing websites out there. And with the business constantly expanding, never really a shortage of stuff to write about.

Below you can see a collection of all of our posts related to social media. We post about all the latest social media websites, such as LinkedIn, which has over 184 million unique visitors worldwide.

Social media has been a successful marketing outlet for many retails, but many social media platforms are taking a step towards becoming e-commerce platforms themselves.

For example, Facebook has just launched its new buy button—this new feature allows shoppers to complete the transaction process without ever clicking away from the Facebook page.

Social media has revolutionized the way that we communicate. But now, it’s revolutionizing the way that we shop. In recent studies by Unicommerce, social media has been proven to spread brand awareness and increase sales. The majority of order from social media is from Facebook. Other contenders include Vimeo and Youtube. From the data, user reviews, question & answer, and exclusive offers are the top reasons why people prefer social commerce.

According to Nielsen’s “State of the Media” report for 2012 year–end, people spend more time on social networks than any other category of websites, and the numbers are trending even further upward for 2013. Furthermore, the Nielson Company’s report shows that as a category social media is still vital with new social networks, communities and forums still being created and embraced by the public.

In light of these numbers and other anecdotal and experiential evidence, the EQ’s author contends that perhaps the EQ numbers aren’t telling the whole story, this may be a case of misattribution rather than social media being a poor marketing gateway.

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