Magento Flavor Picker Talk at AOL by Hara Partners


Sam Baron on Magento Custom Design
Sam Baron on Magento Custom Design

Sam Baron, VP of Development at Hara Partners gave a talk at AOL on the Magento Flavor Picker and Custom Design using some of Hara Partners’ recent work as examples. Some of the websites he covered included Crumbs and Suno, both using highly sophisticated custom designs and functionality.

Sam highlighed the Magento Flavor Picker that can be found on, www.macaroncafe, as well as on

The Magento Flavor Picker is well suited for food, but any kit that can contain a potentially huge number of combinations. The real number of combinations to create a 6 pack with 27 ice cream flavors is 387,420,489; or for a 48 pack of macarons with 28 flavor choices there are 2.9 e+69 combinations. Luckily, using the Magento Flavor Picker allow merchandising and selling a pack, and add any flavors to it.

Flavors can be Magento custom options or products in their own right with with inventory, price and any other attributes you need. This reduces the catalog complexity to a mere 28 products.

Crumbs and Greaters have additionally sophisticated drag and drop functionality, allowing multiple images. Crumbs provides a view inside its cup cakes to see the cream fillings, and shows a top view once individual cup cakes are placed into a 6 pack.

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