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Magento Community

Magento Community

Contrary to what you may think, there are actually more than three people in the Magento community. Web resources like Magento Commerce provide a fair indicator of what one might expect out of the Magento community. Of course, you can also always read up on our meetups if you really wanna see where the Magento nerds really congregate…

Of course, there are plenty of events going around in this world that honor Magento. If you read our posts below, you can see some of our stuff written about the Magento Imagine conference which is held each year. Many of the posts below will also serve to help you with common Magento issues (see ‘Top 7 Reasons You Might Be Experiencing Magento Slow-Down,’ for example).

So where else do Magento folks congregate, if not in person? Well, there are many other places on the Internet, such as the Magento Expert Forum, where our kind Magento users who are constantly banging their heads against the walls will be posting their complaints and questions.

But aside from the people who are simply using Magento, you can also read the answers from many experienced Magento developers such as… ourselves.

Magento’s one of the best e-commerce tools around, but remember that at times it is a tough nut to crack. If you’re ever having issues, don’t hesitate to go see the various Magento forums for support… And of course, if you need true support, you can always contact the experts here at Hara Partners directly. We know our stuff… Otherwise, we wouldn’t have all those certifications.

So now you know that the Magento community is an all-great, all-embracing collective, why not jump into some of our events, and visit the forums for advice whenever you need it?

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