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Magento Social Shopping by Shop Talk
Magento Social Shopping by Shop Talk

Magento Social Shopping tools provide a new frontier. It’s hard for marketers to get consumer attention these days–really hard. Click through rates (CTR) are abysmal. People fast-forward through ads on TV. Corporate sponsors pack NASCARs so full of logos hardly an inch of paint shows through. Traditional advertising works for giants–the Geicos of the world will continue to see results by throwing massive budgets at the best creatives and media buyers in town. For the little guy, this advertising commoditiszation is bad news. Luckily, a small group of entrepreneurs are helping even the playing field.

ShopTalk ( is a revolutionary e-commerce software that replaces traditional advertising with reliable recommendations from friends, enter Magento Social Shopping. Shoppers are offered a discount at checkout to share about the awesome product they’re about to buy with their friends and followers through their social networks. With ShopTalk, friends can discover new brands and products from each other while they save a little money.

 The shopper’s not the only one who wins here. Retailers, large and small alike, can see their site traffic jump from integrating ShopTalk’s Magento Social Shopping Plugin. Instead of ads, Facebookers see products coming directly from people they know and trust. No more big companies telling you what to buy! What’s more, these products aren’t crammed into the margins of the Facebook window–they’re right in the news feed. Shoppers who make a purchase can get instant feedback from friends who like or comment, increasing customer satisfaction. As if this all wasn’t enough, ShopTalk takes it a step further and supplies retailers with a detailed dashboard, showing analytics and information about how people are interacting with these posts on Facebook.

So let’s recap: shaking up the advertising game, replacing ads with social shopping recommendations, making “shopping alone online” not feel so “alone,” saving shoppers money, getting products prime real estate in the news feed, and delivering tailored analytics–what’s the catch? It’s cheap. (Oh wait, that’s not a catch.) Retailers only pay 50 cents per visitor that ShopTalk leads to their site. Everything else is free. ShopTalk is available for Magento as well as for Shopify with many more platforms to come, and the first 100 retailers to sign up get their first $100 on the house. Sounds like advertising is about to change in a big way.

About the author:

Tyler Hudson Crimi is CIO of Shop Talk as well as founding partner of Catalyze Marketing and Consulting. He has extensive experience managing internal and external information flow. His areas of expertise include gathering of user information, sculpting user interfaces, managing marketing materials and campaigns, and generating feedback and analytics supplied to retailers, which can all be seen in the Magento Social Shopping Module by Shop Talk created by Tyler and his team.