Magento Extension Marketplace Ratings and Reviews


The Magento Connect team recently announced brand-new functionality enabling ratings and reviews in their popular Magento extension Marketplace. The new tools allow developers to easily leverage the Magento community to promote and support extensions. Merchants, in turn, will find it easier to select best-fit Magento extensions.


The ratings and reviews system goes live on February 19, 2013. This helpful chart from Magento details relevant features (for best results, follow recommended actions):


Magento extension

Magento extension



Magento Extension Marketplace Concerns


Business owners and administrators should take note of these pointers:


  • The popularity score will persist on the site undisturbed.
  • Because ratings are a new feature, default sort will be based on the popularity score. This will switch to ratings once a sufficient number of reviews accumulate.
  • Beginning February 19, 2013, the Magento Connect team will remove existing reviews with unanswered questions or inappropriate content. We recommend that you address existing support questions by 11:59 PM on February 13 (post-launch reviews will be moderated through the new process).
  • The new moderation process will henceforth reject all support questions posted in reviews. Users will be notified if their post is rejected and presented with three options:
    • Rewrite the review


    • Locate the question in the Q&A widget on the Magento extension profile


    • Contact the developer directly via the support link on your Magento extension page



  • Moderation will remove the following from user reviews: support questions, profanity, inappropriate comments directed towards other users or companies, reviews seeking to direct business elsewhere, competitor references, and meaningless work strings.


  • In order to give merchants more information and developers a bigger picture of Magento extension use habits, Magento Connect asks you to include other extensions available in your store on each Magento extension page. Think of this feature as a suggestive tool much like “users also bought…” Many merchants are concerned about combining Magento extensions; this encourages smarter purchasing decisions.

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