February 19th, 2014

Power Your Business with the Netsuite Connector for Magento

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In this era of cut throat competition, companies are constantly striving for newer ways of marketing tools that can ensure to upkeep their contest in the consumer market. Netsuite is one such incorporated business management software that enables business to harness the power of the leading cloud software as a Service technology.

Netsuite connector for Magento

Netsuite connector for Magento

Magento is the foremost professional open-source ecommerce solution that can be customized and hence the merchant can exercise complete flexibility over the appearance, substance, and functionality of their online store. Magento’s users can use Magento’s marketing, search engine optimization and list-management tools to create customized ecommerce sites that can best meet the customer’s business needs. Magento is also the most supported platform for third party solutions that can take your online store to the next level.

While Netsuite is a proven back office application, its integration with Magento can provide businesses with powerful business management portal with state-of-the-art e-commerce features.

However an ideal Netsuite connector for Magento can be a challenge considering the various issues with their type and structure integration. There are various considerations to be measured before integrating Netsuite connector for Magento.

Consideration before integrating Netsuite with Magento

First and foremost criteria are to check the latency between the two environments. A low latency is required to ensure that there is proper synchronization between the two data environments. To reduce the latency, one can improve the capacity of data structures within Magento or Netsuite. Talk to our software and systems experts and find out how we have solved high performance challenges.

Next, Make business plans depending on the type of industry, such as if an order meets certain criteria, they are imported, its status updated and so on. Proper work flows and control structures should be formalized so that the order amount with all subtotals and line items in Magento get transferred to Netsuite with all detail for further processing.

Proper execution of a Netsuite connector for Magento also requires formulation of an emergency management system that can handle the issues if some exceptional errors occur in the system. A business has to specify a proper product support system and a product roadmap that underlines the product’s features and their outcomes in detail. You will be pleased to hear that we at Hara Partners fully support disaster recovery and fail over scenarios, and that our NetSuite connector for Magento is updated and tested for every new release of NetSuite and Magento. In addition, the development team continues to update the Netsuite connector for Magento on an ongoing basis making it better every day.

There are a number of options available for the integration of the Netsuite connector for Magento available at different rates depending on the complexity of the data mapping and level of advanced automation. While customers are expected to import and export all data between the Magento and NeSuite systems, Hara Partners can help with this process to reduce the time to go live.

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