Transportation of Workers to companies

Transportation of Workers to companies

As e-commerce is gaining popularity jobs are shifting from traditional retail shops in cities to warehouses in the outskirts. In order to cut down on land prices and taxes industrial regions are usually set up on the outskirts of a city well away from the expensive and crowded city centers. This has created a need for transport from residential areas to the industrial areas.

Importance of public transportation network

Local governments are finding it hard to expand the public transport network to these far-off regions, especially outside the 9 to 5 working period. This led to regional, county and state transit officials in South Carolina to meet with the big businesses located near Columbia and set up a bus route. The transit authority stated that there is no reason to go to those regions except for those employed by these businesses.

Due to this reason they should help fund the bus route as well. Companies like Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corp. and Amazon agreed to work with transit agencies and contribute to the funds as well. This problem, however, is not unique to Columbia. Warehouse jobs are growing all over the United States of America as e-commerce’s share of the U.S GDP keeps doubling nearly every decade and is expected to continue to do so. This forces cities, in some cases, to even completely redraw their public transport networks. In cases where there aren’t enough passengers to do so, due to the nontraditional hours of warehouses jobs, new transport services are popping up.

Value of transportation for privately owned companies

These can either be provided by the state, privately owned companies or even the businesses themselves. These transport services do not only provide employees with a mean to reach their workplace but also facilitates in deliveries and pickups. The technological revolution brought with itself e-commerce which is now effectively changing lives.

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