Myths That Can Ruin Your Mobile UX

Myths That Can Ruin Your Mobile UX

Myths That Can Ruin Your Mobile UX

Every hot profession has dozens of myths around it. Mobile design is no different.The misunderstandings usually come in the form of UX Myths.It’s common for those who have just came into profession to see mobile design as infinite field of creativity and inspiration. Well, partly, the creative aspect of mobile design is just a myth.

Mobile Mis-perceptions

The following are some common mobile myths in today’s modern era

  1. Mobile users are always on the run
  2. The best designs are invisible
  3. The designer and the user think the same
  4. Designers should always try to find original solutions
  5. Aesthetic isn’t important if a product has good usability
  6. User interface and user experience are the same things
  7. Mobile apps are isolated experiences
  8. White space is wasted space
  9. Users are always connected to the internet
  10. Mobile users need fewer features than desktop users
  11. The more the features you add to your app, the better it will be
  12. You don’t need the content to design an app
  13. Prototyping is an extra step in product development
  14. Testing can be postponed until the market releases
  15. You need to periodically redesign your app

Evolving design

Mobile designs are evolving. The technologies are getting better day by day. Due to the changes their are many opportunities to learn and making new approach. But the product design does not matters.By focusing on needs of the users we can create a truly and exciting experience for them.


  • Understand your audience and purpose
  • Maximize mobile capabilities
  • Embrace complexity
  • Treat guidelines as useful recommendations, not mandates
  • Work to understand your audience’s unique points of view

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