Modify your images for an online Magento store

Modify your images for an online Magento store. Get the latest tips and tricks!

You should always be willing to modify your online store. Most of the time pictures are used with the highest resolution to attract the attention of customers who would be willing to buy something great and increase the sale. The images that are used however are not always optimized and thus can cause a delay along with an unfavorable experience for the user.

Tips to optimize your images

You should always consider the option of optimizing your image because that is one of the main things that do take time to load when it is being accessed on the server. Following are the methods that can help you in optimizing your image

  • Run command after going to the root folder
  • Use the Optimization extensions

Using these methods can help you in reducing the size of the image and that will help in the optimization of the stores performance. When the image is properly working and has nice speed then the ratio of orders will also increase.

Benefits for having images compressor

  • The page speed for your Google will increase leading to higher ratings
  • User experience will get better
  • There won’t be any loss of image quality
  • There will be an increase in the orders that are placed through your store

There are multiples way through which you can compress the images for the stores and with a little search you could find ways that suit your taste. You may want to go for an extension rather than running commands to compress your image. The benefit of using an optimization extension is that the user becomes less prone to errors and multiple risks. So either use an extension or run commands.

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