Mobile Commerce Infographic

The wizards over at KISSmetrics put together a fantastic infographic on the state of mobile commerce. Let’s dive into some statistics and see what conclusions can be drawn!


Mobile Commerce Highlights


  •  The lion’s share of U.S. web traffic (80%) originates from desktops, with 85% of that traffic belonging to Windows users. Of the remaining 20%, however, Apple dominates with 95% of tablet traffic and 72% of phone traffic.
  • While the use of web-enabled devices is generally trending upward, it appears as if 2013 will be the Year of Mobile with an estimated 1.82 billion units globally (vs. 1.78 billion desktops).
  • Still a ways to go: the threshold for site abandonment by impatient consumers caps at five seconds on mobile devices compared to three seconds on desktops.
  • Consumers need some time before they’re comfortable enough to make a purchase: 44% of eventual buyers won’t make a purchase until 10 or more mobile sessions have elapsed.


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