Leveraging Global Data Objects for Google Analytics E-commerce Tracking

Leveraging Global Data Objects for Google Analytics E-commerce Tracking

Being able to overcome the gap between limited resources and extreme project backlogs is a great opportunity and a dream come true for many organizations. This allows you to boost your performance and do exceptionally well in the market. Therefore this is something that is the ultimate goal of every company, business and service provider.
However one needs to be extremely cautious and careful while releasing data that is sensitive and significant as it can be easily tracked and recorded by certain variables and varieties such as the tag management system which is more commonly known as TMS.
When you will experience E-Nor you will realize that things are quite different here. Our expert and experienced team have implemented a complex and vast Enhanced E-commerce implementation by taking advantage of existing global data objects, mapping the global variables to certain Enhanced E-commerce and analytic tags in the Google Tag Manager.

Cross-Tool, User-Focused Benefits:

By utilizing global data objects you are enabled to utilize the same e-commerce data on various tools and platforms. Some of the benefits of this approach are:
•    CDP-  you can transfer information such as transaction details from the global data to the customer data platform also known as the CDP.

•    Remarketing- you are able to access information from global data objects to avail cross-selling opportunities with bigger clients.

Using GTM Data Layer Globally:
This also lets you map your e-commerce variables and custom dimensions and change their format to be able to use them on other tools and platforms. This makes the using of analytics and marketing tools easier and more convenient. You can take advantage of the fact that you can reconfigure and reprocess the data that has been used for a specific purpose and reuse it for additional marketing and analytical needs.

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