Kitty-poo Facebook club

Kitty-poo Facebook club

Kitty-poo Facebook club

Facebook is a platform used by the people in a wide range than other social apps. People get to know about many facts and trends by using this application. There are many mostly picture as well as videos are on the feeds. So the users wanted to get the best quality picture and videos on Facebook stuff. The quality of the video determined during its production. But the low quality videos reach more people than the high quality videos and get more views.

Transfer to Facebook

If we see few years ago we used to see videos and pictures on TV but as the time passes, we transferred to Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and so many other social apps like these. We started to expect the same quality videos on these as we watched on TV.
These apps offer many ads and one of such ad was Kitty Poo Club, Chad Kauffman was its co-founder. This company offers disposable cat litter boxes. He made a great earning through its ad. Such businesses need to tackle so cleverly that in few seconds you can attract the viewer towards you so he get insist to see the whole profile of your company and products.

Ads are mostly shown before the starting of a video. You are mostly independent to skip that ad after 4 to 5 seconds. But the main thing is what you are offering and showing in these few seconds. Because this will decide that whether your ad will attract the viewer or he will skip it.

Also your ad must not be of good quality, because it’s not necessary that your ad must be in high pixels but the thing that matters is the material and the idea you want to convey to the people. The quality should be this enough that video shows everything clearly. So try to learn these steps before making an ad or video.

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