Instagram Algorithms Working

Instagram Algorithms Working
Instagram Algorithms Working

In social apps, Instagram is trending most and its purpose is to connect people with each other. But when it changes from SEO to social media, algorithms determines that who sees your content and who doesn’t.
These algorithms change with time so its tactics might get outdated, for this we have to evolve our strategy constantly. It’s not necessary that if you are correctly and particularly posting your material with proper hashtags then it must always reach its intended audience. So you need to consider your work with the algorithms to run with your approach on Instagram.
Here the question is how these algorithms work? So these algorithms dictate the sequence of the posts user sees during scrolling his feeds. It gives the priority to the most trending and put them on the top of the posts and ended up on the feeds in descending order to the less trending feeds.

There are three main factors used in the Instagram strategies.

First is the relation with the user. If the user used to see all of your past feeds then he will be expected to see the more future posts.
Second is the interest of the user shows towards the feed. If he sees all the related posts then you can show them more such posts.
Thirdly the new and latest posts will always be preferred to set on the top while the old one will be selected to set a little down to them.
Few more considerations which Instagram shows
Like if you are using more than one account at a time then you have got more competitions on the trending feeds.
The loyalty and interest of your followers towards your content is also much important for you as it can earn you to become the top trending feed on Instagram.

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