E-Commerce Meet Up Review November 2014, with Vsnap


Howdy e-Commerce fans,

Last month’s meetup was a real blast. Dave McLaughlin dropped in to speak about Vsnap, a platform that allows salespeople to engage with customers via one-to-one video messages. This method that’s been shown to boost sales as much as 34%.

In addition to Vsnap, Dave discussed his previous experiences in the film industry, where he worked as a screenwriter. After working on a film which he claimed to have later disliked, he realized that Hollywood may not have been the right environment for him.

“I think that technology startups are just a more creative place to be than the film business,” he said. “Some people are surprised by that. But in the film business you’re really in boxes in terms of what you can do.”

Now, after only a few years of working in tech, Dave is far from an outsider. He’s done all of his research on Vsnap’s competitors, and is constantly brushing up on his knowledge of social media in order to better assess how he’s going to work with them.

Dave said that the key to success is to work in an area that you’re interested in, and that sometimes it could take a while to realize what that is—in his case, it certainly took a few years to realize that he didn’t want to be a filmmaker.

We had a lot of very interesting people who came up to the meetup, who asked very engaging questions that Dave provided very quick to answer to. We’re really grateful that we have so many talented and ambitious people who support our meetups, and we’re hoping that all of you guys will come to our next event, ‘Driving eCommerce Sales with Social Media Marketing,’ which will take place on Wednesday, December 10, at 31 W 34th Street on the 7th floor.

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