Digital Marketing State 2018

Digital Marketing State 2018

Digital Marketing State 2018

In the world where the artificial intelligence and technology is increasing day by day, it is expected by the marketers that whether they are going to have robots as employees or not? Well, we all know that sooner or later technology will make this possible as well.

Carol Eversen, CMO of ALM said, digital marketing has involved from a single unit to a multiple units working together and it is now an essential key which should be used by all companies to achieve the best outcomes. But she also makes it clear that it is a hard thing to learn and not everyone is good at it.

The digital Marketing Year in Review:

The previous year was both promising and challenging for the digital media. As the number of its advantages increased, so did the number of its disadvantages also increased. There were so many fake ads that cost the advertisers more than $16 billion in 2017. The numbers have increased so drastically that the advertisers were unable to identify which were the right ones and which were the fake ones and ended up losing a lot. New policies are going to implied to control this chaos.

Digital Marketing Look Ahead:

In future, expect more media for the purpose of the data-driven transaction. As stated by Kerry Bianchi, president, and CEO of Visto: “ For developing the better standards, industry is focusing on providing transparency tool through visibility into decisions and pricing are made regarding digital supply chain. However, it is raised the focus on the quality of analytics, ads, insights, interactions, and performance.

Digital Marketing is an important aspect for all businesses and people are working to keep it that way as it is a good medium which is accessible to everyone and at any place.

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