A trend of e-commerce

A trend of e-commerce

The trend of e-commerce is speedily growing in European countries and basically expresses the central pillars of digital marketing. While the most countries know that the commerce can be the key fact for the economic growth of the digital marketing and other facts may not so fruitful and they did not deserve attention so that the development of e-commerce having no or low priority on their agenda’s.

E-commerce can be helpful for growing productivity

It also can decrease unemployment and inefficiencies. There are many benefits of the e-commerce for the government i.e. the end users and companies obvious-permit customers, accommodation, quick access to global market, security of inventory by cost-efficient tools rather management. However it also faces some challenges in a global world like; security challenges, data privacy, increased in competition and constant growth of new technologies.

So for e-commerce, it is necessary to set the e-commerce field of growth by the establishment and advanced the prerequisites that should be taken care for the growth of this field. Moreover, there are also some conjunctive barriers that interrupt e-commerce growth in developing countries i.e. cash-dependent societies, lack of digital skills and lack of knowledge related to the information technology of the population etc.
For creating e-commerce development strategies there are some initiative considerations such as e-commerce readiness assessment, ICT infrastructure, trade logistics, trade facilitation, payment solutions and quick access to finance. The comprehensive approach is irresistible as e-commerce dividing across various industries and everyone is concerned through this.

If any country wants to create an encouraging climate for the expanding the industry. Then it must need to start forwarding the following three questions.

1.    Where we are based today?
2.    Where do we want to be?
3.    How do we get the best destination?

The leading country:

The leading country in online shopping is the United Kingdom and it also ranked highest in B2C E-commerce index.

The main e-commerce shopping market of leading country:

The UK is also spreading its lead as the main e-shopping market in Europe. And has the highest number of purchases online annually per buyer.

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