90% of the People are Willing to Give up their Personal Data

90% of the People are Willing to Give up their Personal Data

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Nearly 90% of the People are Willing to Give up their Personal Data:

An Episerver survey showed that out of 4,000 people 3,480 people (which make it a total of 87% of the people) are willing to give up their personal information just to receive a good and reliable online experience. They also found out that people are more into technological equipment such as drones and smart mirrors and 90% of them would order them again.

Disparity on YouTube Looms Large:

According to Bloomberg, Majority of the Youtubers will fail to make a living from YouTube. As the top 1% creators generate 2.2million views to 42.2million views a month in 2016. But the top 3% generates 1.4million views a month, which shows that they are earning $16,800 a year. Even after working on YouTube they will have to work a full-time job to earn money.

  • Time spent with ad-supported media declines in the US:

While media usage increased on our phones, increasing the usage of audio mobile applications as well the ad-supported media still declined to 44.4%.  and it is expected that it will further decline to 42.5% till the year of 2021.

  • Social is the most popular method of paid advertising for UK travel sector:

As shown in the benchmark report by marine, that social media has now started the paid advertisement of travel sector as well. According to the survey the UK travelers spend 42% of their advertising budget on Facebook. Which is a huge amount but UK Travels did not regret it as it did increase their profits.

  • Open Banking expected to contribute over £1 billion annually to UK economy:

According to trust-pilot open banking will increase its annual earning by 1million pounds and will increase employment as well as 17000 people will get employed by this change. But the research by Accenture showed that it depends on the level of trust.

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