Women Leading The Retail Crime Rates?

Women Leading The Retail Crime Rates?

Women Leading The Retail Crime Rates?

It has been a known fact that women have always been involved in retail crimes throughout the development of departmental stores. However, this scenario became a hot topic for discussion when it was indicated by the evidence collected by Nation Anti-Organized Retail Crime Association that women have increased their participation in these acts over the past couple of years.

Women charged with a crime of stealing thousands of dollars

A lot of high profile cases that surely saw the day of light have been stated by the founder Chris McGourty to prove that the information is correct. Some of these cases include Women charged with stealing thousands of dollars in merchandise from a Macy’s store at the Mall at Rockingham Park in Salem, N.H.; four women arrested for stealing from 13 different stores at Tysons Corner Center in Virginia last holiday season etc.

However, the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention has stated that despite the new evidence that has been shared, it has been observed that both the genders are guilty of shoplifting crimes at approximately the same rates. However, the number of men that are serving their sentence for this crime is three times more than the number of women.

Women are less crime suspected of shoplifting by retailers

In order to keep track of the shoplifting cases and incidents, Alto Alliance maintains data which specifies the necessary information regarding shoplifting cases in a database. The database contains information such as the targeted retailer, the stolen merchandise, time and date of the incident, suspects and accomplices as well as the outcomes of the prosecutions of the reported cases.
However, another important factor that is to be considered given the current scenario is the fact that women have indeed received a more lenient approach from retailers and that women are less suspected of shoplifting by retailers as compared to the number of male suspects. 

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