WebsiteAlive Live Chat Magento Module Launched on Magento Connect

Hara Partners creates and launches the WebsiteAlive Live Chat Magento Module on Magento Connect.

WebsiteAlive Live Chat Magento Module WebsiteAlive Live Chat Magento Module

What makes the WebsiteAlive Live Chat different from all the other live chat solutions on the market? WebsiteAlive provides the only fully PCI compliant live chat in the world. Do you have customer provide personal information or even credit cards over your live chat? Then you may be looking at a compliance issue.

WebsiteAlive serves top teams in all the major leagues, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL. Realizing that taking credit card payments for thousands of dollars over live chat is a huge problem, WebsiteAlive took matters in their own hands and revolutionized live chat by making it fully PCI-compliant.

Using the WebsiteAlive live chat Magento module is as easy as using the one-click install provided through Magento Connect in every Magento admin panel. Call us if you have problems and we will help you got get up to speed in no time.

What's more the WebsiteAlive provides the AliveConcierge service to help you staff the live chat at all times without setting aside your valuable staff. AliveConcierge can field questions or act as an initial call answering service. All AliveConcierge agents are highly trained to provide the optimal customer experience and progress the sales process and cultivate valuable leads for you.

Learn more about the WebsiteAlive Live Chat solution at:

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