July 17th, 2015

How to Use Vsnap to Increase Online Sales

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How to Use Vsnap To Increase Online Sales

Have you ever heard of Vsnap?  No?  Well, Vsnap is a genius idea.

Vsnap works as a video messaging tool for eCommerce.  It lets retailers and sales people connect with their buyers through sending quick video messages.  It works similarly like Facetime and Vine to establish a human connection between retailers and customers.


How Does Vsnap Work?

You can follow these easy steps to increase your online sales using Vsnap.

Firstly, you record a short video message on the web or on Apple’s mobile operating system IOS.  IOS is mainly found on IPhones.  These video messages should last about 60 seconds or less.  Then, you share your video message via twitter or private email to the recipient.  You can customize your email by adding the company logo, changing the font and editing in general.  Customers can view these video messages no matter what type of device they possess.  They do not even have to download anything to see your messages.  This is a huge advantage because it is extremely easy for customers to view your video messages.  It also makes Vsnap universal.   Salespeople can also activate real-time alerts.  A real time alert sends you a notification of when your customer has seen your Vsnap.  It also lets you see if they act upon the attached documents or links that you have sent them.


What are the advantages of using Vsnap?

Vsnap creates a sense of individual connection between salespeople and buyers.  This knocks down the cold cooperate wall, to establish a sense of human connection.  Hence, Vsnap makes customers feel special and ensures them that your business cares about them.  You do not receive a human connection via email or letter.  Therefore, Vsnap is a much more personalized form of communication.

It is the perfect tool for people who have Face Blindness.  Sufferers of Face Blindness cannot recognize faces – even the faces of their dearest family members.  Vsnap helps these people put an image – a distorted image, nonetheless – to a name which they could not place via the written word of email or letter.  To find out more about Face Blindness, go to: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/face-blindness-when-everyone-is-a-stranger-20-03-2012/

The increase of sales can be huge for online businesses.  An established human connection promotes a sense of friendliness and encourages your customers to trust you.   Vsnap is a really useful tool to have.  Many businesses have had a great experience using Vsnap. They have seen a great increase in online sales and have developed friendlier relationships with their customers.  Vsnap users include online career school Penn Foster and Boston-based, women’s fashion line Zoora.  Penn Foster wants to be successful in online schooling; therefore, the personalization of video messaging is crucial.  Vsnap is useful for smaller businesses like Zoora as it creates a personal touch between retailer and customer.  It also helps them stand-out from their competitors who do not communicate with their customers through video messaging.  If your business does not use Vsnap already, you should definitely consider it.

Vsnap loves to meet new customers and help you email like a person, not a robot.  You can buy Vsnap for $33 a month.  This fee gets you unlimited Vsnaps and allows you to customize emails.  Hara Partners had the pleasure of hosting CEO of Vsnap, Dave McLaughlin at our November eCommerce meet-up:  http://www.meetup.com/New-York-eCommerce-Meetup/events/215279532/  He gave us great examples of how short videos increase customer satisfaction and sales.  Vsnap really is the perfect video messaging tool for eCommerce as it can increase close rates by as much as 34%.  If you would like more information about how to get Vsnap, contact us at: http://www.harapartners.com/contact-us/

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