Top 5 E-Commerce Solutions for Small Businesses

e-commerce solutions

Launching an online store can be a simple thing—if you know what you're doing.

Thankfully there are many tools online that will set you on the right track. So if it's been your dream to sell online, now is the time—here are 15 e-commerce solutions to help you get started.

1) Symphony Commere

Don't want to hire an IT team to manage your online store? No problem.

Symphony Commerce is a commerce-as-service provider that handles all the back office, infrastructure and IT aspects of running an e-commerce business, so that you can focus on selling products and growing your brand.

It takes care of everything from servers to warehouses, and provides a one-stop-shop for inventory and storefront management, marketing, order fulfillment and shipping.

The service also includes responsive Web design, so your online store looks just as great on smartphones and tables as it does on a desktop.

2) CommerceHub

Finding suppliers is never easy. The issue with suppliers is that are already wary of working with new online stores, and the lack of brand recognition makes it hard for e-commerce startups to compete with large retailers that already have longstanding relationships with them.

CommerceHub, a merchandising and fulfillment platform, connects online retailers with suppliers and large retailers that channel their products to smaller online stores. This service essentially makes you the middleman between the supplier and the customer, meaning you won't need to find wholesale suppliers and invest in a warehouse to manage your own inventory.

3) Ocoos

As it turns out, e-commerce isn't only for retailers. Non-merchants can sell their services online, as well.

Ocoos offers an expanded e-commerce platform specifically for small service-based businesses. In addition to its DIY website builder—which lets businesses create a professional website with no tech skills required—Ocoos also provides streamlined back-office administrative tools to easily manage customers and sales. This includes customer relationship management (CRM) integration, social media tools and appointment scheduling, as well as sales tracking, report generation and the ability to export QuickBooks and Excel data.

4) PayStand

PayStand is a payments service which gives businesses access to a new model for payment transactions, saving businesses as much as 75% over traditional methods.

PayStand also bridges the gap for accepting Bitcoin for mainstream businesses. With features like multiple payment options, fixed monthly costs, web design and automatically generated social network links, this easy-to-setup system can get business prepared for online payments in minutes.

5) Vee24

e-commerce solutions

Vee24 is an online customer engagement platform which utilizes video technology to allow online retailers to engage with their customers as well as answer any questions and concerns seamlessly.

Vee24 offers three products—VeeStudio, VeeChat and VeeKiosk—which are geared to make customer service simple and successful and to impact key business metrics such as online conversion and customer loyalty.

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