July 13th, 2015

Switching to Magento from Another E-commerce Platform?

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Switching to Magento from Another E-commerce Platform?

If you’re currently thinking of switching to another e-commerce platform, you may have second doubts about it being Magento. On our blog, and the blogs of other Magento companies, the argument will clearly be in favor for it. But what are some of the arguments in favor of Magento being the ultimate e-commerce platform?

Feature Functionality

Magento’s core merchandising and SEO features easily surpass its competitors. It features more than 1800 templates you can leverage for your user interface, and you can create your own theme and user experience.

Magento’s continuously expanding features (Mobile HTML 5 support, RMA, customer groups and segmentation, plus many others) offers an ongoing value for your investment that you don’t get from the competitors. Magento’s committed product road map also introduces new advanced features every few months that merchants can take advantage of.

Superior Integration Options

Magento provides not only a pre-built API that can be integrated into virtually any ERP or order management solution, but its open source base also allows you to leverage database based integrations and other design patterns.


Clean URLs, meta data, Google Analytics and Google Base integration, and clean code make Magento a website optimizer’s dream.

Multi‐Site Capability

You can run several stores on the same installation of Magento. This really helps businesses focus on niche websites and steers them away from cluttered one‐stop‐shop solutions.

 of Data

Magento makes data sorting and management easy, and allows you to sort by categories that can be customized.


If you’re a small merchant looking for a low-cost turnkey SaaS solution, at $15 per month Magento Go is priced far less than competitors such as Shopify and Big Commerce.

For any merchant making more than $500,000 in online business, Magento Enterprise can also save you big bucks, lowering your total 3-year costs which include the labor costs associated with maintaining your website.

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