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quiet logistics

Quiet Logistics is a total warehouse solution encouraging efficiency and speed in the world of packaging and shipping. Using a fleet of robots powered with sophisticated mathematical software, it helps retailers ship their goods to customers with minimum cost at maximum efficiency. It boasts an impressive 99.99% order and inventory accuracy as well as 3 times the volume of standard fulfillment centers.

By integrating your existing Magento-based business with Quiet Logistics, you no longer have to worry about fulfilling your orders. Leave it to the robots who never get tired and never forget. According to Bruce E. Welty, CEO of Quiet Logistics, a single robot can perform the duties of one and a half people with infinitely fewer mistakes. Robots don’t draw a salary and don’t require health insurance so with a one-time investment your business can save a ton on your annual budget.

Once you’re sold on the future of warehouse management you’re next step would be a seamless integration of Quiet Logistics into your Magento store. That’s where we come in. Hara Partners takes care of every aspect of the integration making sure that both parts of your business run smoothly. When an order comes in through Magento our software will collaborate with your warehouse and shipping department. We tell the robots where to find every part of the order (no matter how complicated) and bring it to the packaging section where experts pack it and send it out. Once it is packed and shipped your Magento system is automatically updated with the shipping information and the updated warehouse inventory.

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