May 18th, 2016

What is Magento?

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What is Magento is a question that is usually asked by people outside of the e-commerce world. Technically, Magento is an open source e-commerce platform written with PHP to provide online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system. It has many powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and management tools. If you understood that, congratulations you are probably in the e-commerce field, but if you didn’t it means that Magento is a WordPress for companies involved in e-commerce. If you don’t know what WordPress just google it.

History of Magento

Mangento started in 2002 and launched a 2.0 version in November 2015. Since 2002, Mangento has become a leading e-commerce platform. According to thepixel,  The platform is already empowering over 200,000 retailed and 1 in 4 online businesses choose Mangento over its competitors. Why, because Mangento offers these businesses advanced marketing, search engine optimization and catalog management tools to control the function, the look and the flow of content for their unique business needs.

What Can You Do With Magento

Some features of Mangento’s functionality are its open architecture with many extensions for your whatever unique business plan you have. Including extensions for accounting, CRM, ERP,payment processing and many more. The open source aspect of Mangento is there to keep your business organize, but unique to your needs.

Not only does does Magento come with extensions to make your unique and simple, but it also comes with build in search engine optimization (SEO) software that creates user friendly SEO URLs in order for Google and other search engines to find the content easier. Also with its customized meta keywords and descriptions it makes it easy for customers to find your website.

Magento’s other extensions including a mobile app. So you can use it on your phone and hundreds of third party extensions for companies to use. With this and the other extensions it seems like Magento will continue to grow and expand in the e-commerce world.


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