January 8th, 2013

Magento and HTML5 for Mobile E-commerce

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magento and html5

credit: html5rocks.com

Confirming its reputation as a flexible powerhouse among e-commerce platforms, Magento has recently released HTML5 enhancements for both its Community and Enterprise editions to enable an improved mobile experience. By incorporating the language in its open-source architecture, Magento has positioned itself to offer advanced control and responsiveness to its growing mobile user base at the opportune moment. Together, Magento and HTML5 are poised to revolutionize web applications.


Magento and HTML5 capabilities


Merchants and users can expect significant advances in out-of-the-box mobile Magento commerce thanks to the integration. Magento’s official endorsement bypasses cumbersome workarounds that threatened to bog down innovative feature development in the past. Key capabilities include:

  • Device-native audio and video interaction
  • Gesture-based control and manipulation, such as image scaling and drag-and-drop shopping carts
  • Fantastic cross-browser compatibility
  • Expanded upselling and cross-selling functions
  • Intuitive search and results display

This is a strong move not just for the future of Magento, but also for web development in general. HTML5 is also a powerful alternative to Flash, which isn’t supported by many mobile devices, and thus could be the ticket to extensive market penetration for a number of previously limited online retailers. As HTML5 comes into its own, e-commerce merchants will realize just how worthwhile investment in mobile applications can be.


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