How to look for a Shopify web developer

How to look for a Shopify web developer

You’re ready to launch a great product which you believe will be a hit to the masses. But before you can do so, you will need a Shopify web developer who can help you in creating an appealing online store. So how can you find a good Shopify specialist? Here are some pointers to remember:

Shopify web developer’s portfolio matters

Shopify web developers have to transfer at least two cases of their recent posts before their service goes live.  This enables them to create a good connection and showcase their skills.

The web developer’s portfolio can give you an idea regarding the skills and talent of the individual. It can also let you see if the websites they’ve created are responsive.

Check reviews of Shopify web developer

Shopify web developers receive surveys after completing a project.  These surveys are the basis of the general rating shown on their professional profile. Aside from knowing the reputation of the web developer, you will also determine if the services are verified by other Shopify users.
Here’s one tip when searching for a web developer--- filter the developers by choosing only those with high ratings or marks in their surveys.

Create a short list

Once you have filtered the developers, checked their portfolio and reviews, you can create a short list of 3 to 5 developers who you think best fit your needs.
Contact those in your short list by pressing the “Contact Shopify Master” found on the upper right part of their profiles.

Conduct an in-person interview

The Shopify web developer you are interested in may have given you a few good answers yet it is always advisable to conduct an in-person interview. If that’s not possible, at least speak to him or her on Skype. Doing so will help you determine if the candidate is personable enough to be working with you.

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