Helping You Arrange Your Instagram Feed

Helping You Arrange Your Instagram Feed

Helping You Arrange Your Instagram Feed

Enough emphasis cannot be laid on the importance and significance of social media marketing and promotion for the development and promotion of a business. One of the very popular and commonly used social media platforms in this regard is Instagram. On one side you need to use Instagram to promote your brand and get your message across to your followers and customers however on the other side the way you use this platform and work on it is also very important. You need to realize that the way your Instagram feed is organized is a significant contributing factor in bridging the gap between you and your customers.

Frequency of Instagram posts

One of the things that bother the business owners the most in this regard is what to post and what should be the frequency of your Instagram posts. According to the research results shared by Buffer, you need to maintain a steady and consistent Instagram feed and should be posting at least three times over the time period of two days.
There are a lot of different ways in which you can post on Instagram and engage your followers. However,, there are three types of posts that are most likely to attract your consumers:

•    Motivational Instagram Quotes:

These will attract your consumers b\y giving them a boost of motivation.

•    Buying Links:
So that the customers can make their purchase immediately.

•    Behind The Scene Instagram Posts:

This way the customer feels connected better by having an insight on the process going on.  

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