Help Desk Ultimate 3.0 Makes Happy Customers

Help Desk Ultimate 3.0 Makes Happy Customers

Good customer service plays a vital role to any business.  According to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, a dissatisfied customer will tell 9 out of 15 people about their bad experience.  On the contrary, an effort to reduce the customer defection rate can increase profits by 95%.  This is where Magento Extension 'Help Desk Ultimate 3.0' comes in.

Help Desk Ultimate 3.0 for Magento Users

If you are a Magento user, the Help Desk Ultimate 3.0 extension offers quick, customer orientated support which makes a happy customer.  One of the best aspects of this extension is that it tailors to any size of business.  Hence, there is no need to get another system throughout the trajectory of the business’s growth.

Customers are able to track the communication stream which records the history of all conversation between them and the business.  As well as allowing them to see the response time of this conversation.


Escalate Ticket

Within Help Desk, there exists a device called the "Escalate Ticket" which permits customers to express their dissatisfaction with a service, whilst simultaneously allowing the Help Desk supervisors to track these concerns via email.  It can also analyse incoming emails and convert them into Help Desk tickets. The dedicated mailbox through which all messages go, is considered to be an inquiry or ticket reply.

The "Email Gateway Details" section provides an opportunity to specify values for a certain gateway.  For example, whether the status is enabled or disabled.


What Can Help Desk Ultimate 3.0 Do For You?

Help Desk Ultimate 3.0 is highly effective and works as an immensely effective ticket management system.  Also, it exposes a “Work Report” which is utilized to show Help Supervisors a picture of each department’s current workload, and the total figure of the customer service team.

No matter what the business specializes in, or its scale Help Desk Ultimate 3.0 allows the business to tailor it to suit their needs.  This is due to the multiple stylistic options.  A few of these include custom email templates, ticket status, and flexible department configuration.

It is definitely worthwhile for a business to install the Help Desk Ultimate 3.0 since it is much easier, and far less expensive to attain current customers than it is to attract new ones.  For more information, visit:


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