May 24th, 2016

E-Commerce Has Lost Another Leader

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The e-commerce industry has been growing. With companies growing in Eastern Europe and Asia, the past few years have been good for the industry. Not to mention the largest growth the e-commerce industry has seen in its history in the first quarter of 2016. Also with the growing industry does not seem to be feeling the growing pains of the increase of the minimum wage. However, with all of these gains comes loses too. Since Silicon Valley is leading the world in computer advancement New York City has fallen behind. The city’s newest companies, many e-commerce, cannot find firms to invest in their business. Another loses on the international scale is Anand Chandrasekaran quitting the position of chief product officer in the company, Snapdeal. This news came as a surprise because he was only with the company for a year.

Who is Chandrasekaran in the E-Commerce World

Anand Chandrasekaran is a Stanford alum who played an important role in the company with Google. He was pivotal in India’s e-commerce world. According to Economic Times, “The Stanford University alum had joined the company in June last year from Airtel where he was the chief product officer. Chandrasekaran’s hiring was pivotal for the company at that time as rival Flipkart onboarded a Google executive, Punit Soni, to handle a similar role.”

Why is This New?

This article might seem strange because it is talking about India, not America. However, this is important because India is an important place for e-commerce. There are many jobs and companies in India, so what happens there is important for the rest of the e-commerce world. Also the fact that Chandrasekaran isn’t the only leading person in the e-commerce industry to step down from a company they helped build. According to Economic Times, “Recently, three key hirees – head of Flipkart’s ecommerce platform Mukesh Bansal, chief product officer Punit Soni and chief business officer Ankit Nagori, had stepped down. “

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