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Linda Bustos highlights another beautiful infographic by way of This one delves into a recurrent fly in online retailers’ bonnets, cart abandonment. Rich with stats, the image depicts recommended practices in timing, subject lines, and content as they relate to cart recovery campaigns. Results were culled from 200 global brands. Here are some of their findings:

Cart Abandonment Findings

•    In terms of re-engagement, you should reach out no more than one hour later than the point of cart abandonment. Speed is the essential element in this campaign; average conversion rates are 5.2% after 20 minutes, 4.5% after one hour, and 2.6% after 24 or more hours.
•    A combination of company name and product details makes a good subject line. On average, 46% will open emails using a customer service tone in the subject line, and only 38% will respond to their own name in the subject line. It’s crucial to test different content based on your brand or products.
•    Here are the average clickthrough rates (CTR) for different types of content:


  • “Complete Your Order (Cart)” -- 35%
  • “Complete Your Order (Intro Copy)” – 14%
  • Text hyperlinks – 12%
  • Cart products – 5%
  • Unsubscribe – 0.2%

The takeaway? Make it easy for your customers to get back to your page quickly. This should trump almost every other consideration in designing an email campaign. Give a slew of links and options, but be straightforward about the call to action; there’s a reason “complete your order” does so well in clickthrough rates (CTR).


One last point, courtesy of Linda: placement matters, too. Be sure to test different configurations and layouts, and make sure elements are clickable when people expect it.

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