Being courteous towards customers

Being courteous towards customers

Being courteous towards customers

It is a commonly known fact that the success of any business venture is based on the number of customers attracted by the company. According to the findings of common psychological researches, a customer is more likely to become a loyal customer of a brand or company of he is treated with respect. Hence the significance of a great customer experience becomes very obvious.

Enhance customer experience

One of the most common and effective ways that can be used to enhance customer experience is by being courteous and thankful towards them. It may not seem like a huge factor but its impact is commendable. There are two common ways in which customers can be appreciated:

  • Direct Appraisal
  • Personalized Appraisal

The results of a TD Bank research reflect that 60 percent of customers expressed that a direct Thank you is appreciated by them however 44 percent of consumers voted in the favor of customized and personalized means of appreciation.

Customers feel that you thanked him

One of the commonly committed mistakes while thinking customers is to ask them for a favor immediately after expressing your gratitude. This way the appraisal loses its meaningfulness and the customer feels that you thanked him only to gain your own benefits.

More customers recommendation

It has been found that the companies who focus on thanking the customers have more customer recommendations and a better reputation in the market. Hence thanking customers is also a technique that can help you promote your business and attract new customers. Thanking customers no doubt goes a long way and has plenty of advantages.

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