5 Steps to a Painless Checkout Process of e-commerce

5 Steps to a Painless Checkout Process of e-commerce

5 Steps to a Painless Checkout Process of e-commerce

Your businesses highly dependent on the process of checking out; it will go right when checking out goes right and will go wrong if checking out goes wrong. The head of e-commerce at Viber, Zephrin Lasker says that checking out is crucial to satisfying your users and is fundamental to drive revenue. Thereby, it is necessary to pay due attention to the very process of checking out. There should be updates and evaluations of the process on regular basis. The following five steps will help you to do this:

1. Make your e-commerce site Simple

One of the best ways to attract more customers is to make the process of checking out as simple as possible; complicated or exaggerated processes may annoy them and turn them away. The director of product marketing for CloudCraze- Eric Marotta said that checkout process should be simple and fast, otherwise you would lose buyers and revenue. Hence, it is necessary that offer only what your customers want.

Similarly, for a better experience, users should be provided what they want, but it should also be noted that users are there to buy products not only for a checkout experience. Most of the complaint that the checkout process is time taking and difficult since they some shop via mobile phones.  According to Stephen Meserve, senior product marketing manager at BigCommerce some of the factors that slow down the checking out are unresponsive pages, unclear payment instructions, etc. which finally leads the customer to leave the site.

2. Make It Mobile

In this digitized world, people are highly dependent on mobile phones. It is necessary that your checkout process is mobile friendly, since a lot of customer’s checkout via mobile phones. Moreover, an easy mobile checkout will bring success to your firm which on the other hand might mean building a native app.

3. Make It Secure

The customers of your site need to trust the safety and security provided by your site. E-commerce firms need software testing and effective quality assurance to ensure that they are providing quality and security to their customers. Different tests are used to make sure that the checkout process is glitch-free and user-friendly, which include crowd testing, load testing, and usability testing. Lastly, if the customers go through a positive experience of a simple checkout process, they develop the sense of security and trust.

4. Make It Fast

Your customers are always in a hurry; hence the less you obstacle their paths, the better it will be. Thus, fast checkouts lead to the happiness of customers. Approximately 60% respondents reported difficulty due to frozen checkout page in a recent QualiTest survey.

5. Make It Modern

It should not be forgotten that your firm is because of your customers. Therefore, to please them you need to bring out your checkout processes on modern lines by offering the most recent payment options as well as other processes that please them.

Furthermore, people today are leaving behind the traditional methods of payments (hard currency, notes, and coins) and adopting the digital payment methods (e-wallets, e-vouchers, prepaid cards, and mobile payments). A report showed that a handsome percentage of Americans are abandoning online shopping carts because they lose money in hidden transactions and delivery charges. Hence, if you are modernizing the checkout processes, you need to avoid hidden fees.




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