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Magento News

You might notice that our blog is a seminal combination of promotional content and news. Here you’ll find all the latest news revolving around all things E-Commerce, including Magento and Netsuite. We have posts about clients that you might also see in our ‘Clients and Work’ section, but everything that was newsworthy in the past has been categorized here for your reading enjoyment.

Since Magento is a relatively new system, tons of techies around the Web will have things to say about it. One of the reasons why modern news is so exciting is because of the sheer velocity that it can be presented. You’ll notice that in our blogs we always like to stay on top of things in terms of all the latest tech and e-commerce news that’s constantly being released.

We’re also eager to report all the bitty news, ie. the random bits of information scattered around that’s loosely related to e-commerce, but might be more fun to read as enjoyment pieces.

As with other categories on our blog, we like to keep all of our content as diversified as we possibly can, while still keeping it relevant to Magento and e-commerce. The convenience of having all of these blog posts listed under one category means you can have faster access to tech-related news whenever you need it.

At Hara Partners we’re always ready to notify our readers of the latest Magento news—and in terms of e-commerce, there’s always plenty to offer. Magento’s always releasing updates for their software, which is always a good thing for Magenticians such as ourselves to keep track of.

If there are any news that you think is worth our attention, please don’t hesitate to contact us with a message and a news link, and we’ll be sure to put it on our blog as soon as we’re good and ready.

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