The Advantage of the Magento Celebros Plug-in

Magento Celebros

Hara Partners is proud to offer the integration of the Magento Celebros plug-in. This cutting edge e-commerce site search engine is designed to be customer friendly while outfitting the etailer with a variety of tools which help drive business expansion.

Celebros has been at the forefront of e-commerce site-search for over a decade. Celebros has become a world leader by specializing in intelligence based search and conversion technologies. They employ the most advanced Natural Language Processing in seven languages. Celebros has hundreds of large and small clients from all over the world in a variety of industries.

The Magento Celebros plug-in provides several advantages for the etailer. The Semantic Site Search accurately determines the consumer’s request and returns the most relevant results on the first page. The site-search includes an auto-complete option which fills in the most relavant popular items as the customer types, greatly speeding up their search.

The plug-in includes tools for your Magento store which allow you to quickly and easily build landing pages and banner campaigns to promote sales. Celebros also helps analyze your Magento store so that you can build intelligent strategies on how to convert your site visitors into actual customers.

The Magento Celebros plug-in is capable of a guided multi select navigation which allows the customer to decide how in-depth their search will be. By allowing multiple value and attribute selection in an instant single search the plug-in puts the customer in control.

Another great feature of the Magento Celebros plug-in is the Product Finder. It’s like a digital concierge and salesperson in one. By asking customers questions prior to a search it helps them decide exactly what they should be looking for and instantly brings up the results.

Hara Partners integration of the Magento Celebros plug-in is a phenomenal way to expand your business and analyze the results. Its consumer friendly design helps you attract and retain customers who leave satisfied knowing that they purchased exactly what they wanted in the quickest amount of time.