Go Mobile with Magento

Go Mobile with Magento
Go Mobile with Magento

We don`t conceive daily life without a smartphone or a tablet next to us at work or while having fun, as consequence it`s essential to update ecommerce solutions to this reality and go mobile with Magento. Nowadays, customers expect to use friendly, fast and interactive apps for shopping or a simple browsing.

So how do you go mobile with Magento?

As you are aware, the market of apps is a crowded one for both the Android and iOS platforms. Some ecommerce apps are more affordable, while others will surpass $100. Before choosing a certain app, as a developer you should decide what you expect from your mobile ecommerce app: Is it an improved accessibility? Is it a fast search? Is it a flexible shopping cart? Is it the quick checkout? Is it social media interactivity?

Globally, a Magento ecommerce app is able to deliver a suite of minimal, yet essential features for online marketing, such as a fast selection of categories, newsletter subscription, instant search for the product your customer has just typed, large buttons to facilitate common commands on mobile gadgets or an improved tactile interface allowing better navigation of products selected for zoom or modification of quantity selected or other product options. Probably, the favorite feature promoted by the Magento on every mobile platform is the quick interchangeable view optimized for portrait or landscape screen orientation. Magento once optimized for mobile viewing can quickly serve up either the mobile or desktop view according to the user`s will.

Merchants who go mobile with Magneto are also interested in expanding its compatibility and optimized functionality for any platform (not only Android and iOS, but also Blackberry OS or Windows Phone), performing an easy change of design or an impressive visual resolution. The visual usability is a major criterion for a successful Magento mobile site. Apple`s gadgets based on retina display for example are able to render more vivid images than the majority of Android-based models.

Magento can be used to create any type of mobile ecommerce solutions for Android or iOS. The open-source solution is designed to fit the unique need of your business through reliable control, speedy content upload, completely scalable interface, which transform Magento into a powerful marketing tool.

For instance, your business can benefit from a mobile optimized platform, featuring a structured catalog, so that visitors could easily navigate through subcategories and find the product they are looking for. Once a customer is ready to checkout, a mobile optimized experience for a faster process in order to lower cart abandonment can be implemented. If customer feel the need to share your discovery with friends, you can fully support this functionality on your mobile platform and even use the devices native sharing functions. There is no better way to tie your online store into social networks of your choice, including: Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Similarly, payment and checkout related process can be sped up, and using mobile payments may optimize your experience depending on your product offering.

When you go mobile with Magento with Android and iOS, your business will enter a new phase, marked by unmatched flexibility and functionality. Intuitive, search engine optimized and with rich animations, Magento can provide the ultimate mobile solution for your e-commerce goals.