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UPS-Worldship Integration

Integrating Magento Commerce with UPS WorldShip has never been easier.


UPS Worldship Integration

With UPS Worldship Integration, you no longer need to enter shipments manually. This integration will automatically sync all your new Magento orders to WorldShip and will make them available in WorldShip on demand.

Just enter the Magento order number in WorldShip – and all order data required to ship the order will be populated in WorldShip automatically! This task can be started and disabled in Magento. All details of an order required to ship the order will be sent to WorldShip.

Optimize Your Business Processes

Save time and money by connecting WorldShip® to your customer service and accounting systems. Process shipments easily, respond to your customers faster, and reduce costly errors by integrating WorldShip today.

UPS provides you with multiple ways to integrate WorldShip with your business:


UPS Ready Service Providers

From inventory and returns management to accounting and customer relationship management (CRM), turn to UPS Ready® Application Providers for solutions that incorporate the proven reliability of UPS.

Choose the Best Solution for Your Business

UPS provides you with multiple ways to integrate WorldShip with your business:


  • Batch Import/Export: Import a file containing addresses, customer orders, or other shipment information, or export shipping history to your internal systems.



  • Keyed Import: Allow WorldShip to recognize a customer’s order simply by entering or scanning a unique identifier, such as a Purchase Order number.



  • Hands-Off Shipping: Schedule WorldShip to pull addresses from your order entry database and automatically print shipping labels at designated times.



  • XML Auto-Import: Automate shipment processing using XML code.