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Terms and Conditions


Security Statement

Hara Partners Technology LLC (the “Company”) recognizes your concerns regarding your online transactions and we have taken the following steps to make your shopping experience, safe and secure; securing Your Personal Information and Financial Data.

All of your important information, shared with us as part of your purchase activity, is protected by way of proven, industry standard processes.

We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer), the industry standard security protocol, to encrypt all sensitive information you share with us. Encryption is a way of scrambling data in a format that can’t be reassembled by anyone other than your browser and our servers. This data remains encrypted until it reaches our web server and we’re ready to process your order, provided your browser supports SSL technology. Our efforts to protect your security while on our site are validated by our secure site status from security industry leader GlobalSign. Together, GlobalSign and SSL fully ensure protection of your data.

When you are about to enter into ‘secure mode’, you will be presented with a ‘Security Alert’ (a notification, with text and graphics determined by the brand and version of your browser – also, see note). This means you are entering into the most secure portion of our web site. Upon ‘Signing In’ as a ‘Returning Customer’ or creating an account as a ‘New Customer’, you may enter your ‘Shipping & Payment’ information necessary to the completion of your order. It makes sense that this is where you want protection of your personal, and credit card information.

Note: A dialog box may appear depending whether you have turned this feature in your browser on or off.

Feeling Safe About Your Shopping Experience

How do you know when all of this is working for you? You can actually watch it happen. For popular browsers, you will notice a change from a standard, non-secure symbol to a secure one. These, typically, involve key or padlock symbols. A broken key, or open padlock, represents a non-secure mode, whereas a solid key, or closed padlock, represents the secure mode.

Additionally, you will notice a change to the left of the URL from ‘http’ to ‘https’ (where the added ‘s’ means ‘secure’) as the SSL protocol is evoked.

It is important to note that until you complete your order, you may enter and leave the secure mode, such as when leaving a secure area to add more items to your ‘Shopping Cart’. You will be alerted each time you ‘enter’ and ‘leave’ (unless, as stated previously, you have turned off this feature in your browser), as an indication of where and when security is in place.

Credit Card Safeguard

We do not store any of your credit card information on our web servers. All credit card information is passed onto a Payment Gateway at the time of the transaction and stored and handled on the Payment Processor’s systems. We fully adhere to the highest security standards.

In the unlikely event of a security breach, you could experience the fraudulent use of your credit card. Once this fraudulent charge appears on your billing statement, you must notify your credit card company immediately, and following the guidelines outlined in your credit card agreement. However, we at the Company believe so strongly in the level of security we provide to you, we offer this simple, good faith clause. In the extremely unlikely event that you are the victim of credit card fraud resulting from an order placed on our secure server, the Company will assume all liability for and up to the $50 limit, imposed by your credit card company, for unauthorized use of your card.

If you are not comfortable shopping online, or simply prefer to make your purchases via telephone, please give us a call at 212-937-6367.