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Internet Connection Speed Test for your Convenience Mini requires at least version 8 of Flash. Please update your client.
Click “BEGIN TEST” to start your speed test.

What is this Internet Connection Speed Test all about?

Use this Internet Connection Speed Test to see how fast your Internet connection is:

  • Do you feel your Internet connection is slow?
  • You don’t remember how much bandwidth you have?
  • You feel that you’re not getting the bandwidth you signed up for?

* This Internet connection speed test requires flash to be installed and enabled in your browser.

How It Works?

This is the simplest way to test your Internet connection speed at home, work, or even on the road. This Internet Connection Speed Test is part of a huge network and this ensures that there is a test node close to you. Using a ping test we can determine the responsiveness of your network (a test that sends a signal to the closest node and back to you and measures the latency, similar to how submarines use sonar to measure its distance from other objects, hence the term “ping”). The test uses a file that is downloaded from the closest node and then back uploaded, while the speed and bandwidth are measured. Using this method we can get very accurate results to measure both the download and upload speeds.


This speed test may not help you in solving any problems, it can help you pinpoint that your network speed is compromised and possibly the root of some problems you are experiencing. After getting the result, you would be able to check which broadband service provider company would be able to offer a better connection.

Use this Internet connection speed test to determine if you are experiencing any problems or if you may need to make changes to your infrastructure. If you find that the download speed is much higher than the upload speed, this is very common and may be normal.