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Magento Quiet Logistics Connector Connect Magento to the Quiet Logistics warehouse platform and fully automate your order processing.

Magento Quiet Logistics Connector

Magento Quiet Logistics Connector

Tap into Quiet Logistics’ advanced fulfillment and tracking platform using this Connector to Magento.

    • Tap into the unprecedented 99.99% order and inventory accuracy of Quiet Logistics


    • Complete your logistics supply chain by tying your logistics into your e-commerce Magento store.


    • Keep on top of financials and gain complete transparency by tying Purchase Orders and Inventory receiving into your system.d


    • Start utilizing the true and tested processes and services provided by Quiet Logistics


  • Use a turnkey approach and get up and running fast.

Through our long standing experience with Quiet Logistics we have tightly integrated Magento with the Quiet Logistcs API to guarantee perfect synchronization and reliability.

The Quiet Logistics Solution

Quiet Logistics is the only warehouse system that uses the advanced Kiva Robot Systems for industry leading accuracy for inventory management and order management.

    • Quiet Logistics provides an advanced client portal with real-time information on inventory, purchase orders, and shipping orders.


    • Get in touch with your dedicated Quiet Logistics account manager.


    • Start using your branded boxes, and custom packaging to deliver your undiluted brand experience.

See for yourself what Quiet Logistics with Kiva Systems can do for you; and how it all comes together and works in this short video.

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