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Monthly Managed Magento Support Services

Managed Magento Support Services – Hara Partners

Hara Partners Magento Support Services

Magento is a powerful, vast and complex application, as such preventing slow-downs and disruptions requires an experienced and steady hand at the helm. With Magento Managed Services from Hara Partners a dedicated team of Magento professionals and certified developers takes control of your site ensuring it’s running in optimal condition 24/7/365.

Managed Magento Support

Managed Support Services from Hara Partners provides coverage in three important arenas: Issue management, issue prevention and strategic planning, and site set-up/optimization.

Managed Magento Support

Issue Management:

Included with Hara Partners Managed Magento Support services is a 24/7/365 Help desk with phone, email and ticket support, so we are never out of reach. Additionally, we provide a daily report outlining any issues that have occurred or might occur so your always informed and part of the decision making process.

Issue Prevention and Strategic Planning:

Once your store is up and running in peak condition we can assess your risk factors and start taking measures to mitigate or prevent any issues. We’ll monitor your site’s uptime and performance so any issues are addressed promptly as well as using our proprietary site–auditing software Health Check to unearth any underlying issues with your site’s code so they can be addressed before causing any harm.

Set-up/Optimization Services:

Hara Partners’ team of Magento experts will make sure that you are getting the absolute maximum from Magento. Starting with the internal – we’ll review your core architecture and configuration settings – through to your back-end – importing and exporting and getting your reporting set-up – to the external – with branding and design assistance and SEO services – we’ll get your store in tip-top shape.

Managed Magento Support Services – Hara Partners

Four tiers of Services

  • $1000 Setup Fee
  • 10 support hours/month
  • Unlimited Issues
  • 12 months minimum
  • $1000 Setup Fee
  • 20 support hours/month
  • Unlimited Issues
  • 6 months minimum
  • $1000 Setup Fee
  • 80 support hours/month
  • Unlimited Issues
  • 3 months minimum
Managed Magento Support Services – Hara Partners


  • 24/7/365 Help desk with email and ticket support.
  • Emergency Services: outage recovery, debugging, trouble-shooting.
  • Uptime and performance monitoring for systems, applications and infrastructure.
  • Real-time and historical site availability and performance statistics.
  • Set-up and configurations.
    • Import/export, merchandising and promotion.
    • Content uploading and formatting.
    • Reporting and analytics.
  • Magento administrative configuration.
  • Daily reporting.
  • Live monitoring of high risk issues.

As clients move up plan tiers their monthly allotted hours increase as do contact points and services. Please download our Managed Support Services Comparison Chart to see the full list of features that are included with Magento Managed Support from Hara Partners.

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