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Magento Tuning Packages to Speed up your Magento Store

In need for Speed?

Magento is a power hog and can get away if you don’t optimize the hardware and software environment for it. But don’t despair, there are tuning steps that can be performed within Magento (Soft Tuning) and on the system level (Hard Tuning).

Soft Tuning

  • Module/Extension Optimization – address slow performing modules
  • Magento static cache improvement
  • Magento full page cache (requires some serious coding, we recommend pages that should be full page cached)
  • Log clearing and data base optimization
  • JS/CSS minification
  • Flat catalog structure (Category/Product)
  • Module compilation (Optional if system cache tuning is possible)

Hard Tuning

  • Server cache setup (Memcache, APC) – this is very important and an easy win
  • Fast session storage
  • Web server configuration and extensions
  • PHP configuration and extensions
  • Database configuration and optimization
  • Output compression

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