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Royal Mail RMDMO Integration

Integrating Magento Commerce with Royal Mail Despatch Manager Online has never been easier.


Royal Mail RMDMO Integration

This extension fully integrates your Royal Mail Despatch Manager Online RMDMO account with your Magento shop, automating the printing of shipping labels direct from your Magento store and sending tracking emails to customers using your Magento email template.


    • Print Royal Mail labels for some/all or none of shipments from Magento.

    • Map your checkout delivery options to Royal Mail delivery services.

    • Send the total shipment or order weight from Magento to RMDMO.

    • Tracking number and link emailed to customers directly from Magento.

    • Print Royal Mail labels on remote network printers.

    • Have the customer send Safeplace to the Royal Mail during checkout.

    • Specify the Royal Mail delivery service sent to RMDMO.

    • Fully compatible with Magento’s pricing matrix and other pricing extensions to calculate shipment price, where required.

Order Export to RMDMO

Stop entering orders manually today! Using our RMDMO integration, you will be able to export all the relevant order and customer data out of Magento – directly into the Royal Mail Despatch Manager. All details of an order required to import into RMDMO will be exported, and you’ll be able to ship the order using the RMDMO straight away!


Royal Mail Shipping API

Royal Mail Shipping API allows your systems to use a series of web services to print barcoded parcel labels making your despatch preparation quick and easy.

Royal Mail Shipping API lets you print labels with barcodes and for tracking services each label is given its own unique reference number which your customers and you can use to track their order at Alternatively you can use our Tracking API solution to integrate our tracking systems with your systems to check the status of single and multiple items for tracking services and history of single items.

Key Benefits


  • Fast integration: Reducing the amount of time & effort to integrate your systems with Royal Mail. You will be able to integrate into one API access point rather than multiple Royal Mail systems.



  • Easy, flexible integration: You can integrate with Royal Mail in a way that suits your processes (e.g. warehouse/order management, customer services) rather than using a standard shipping package.



  • Full IT support: Dedicated take on support, a ‘Sandbox’ testing environment plus lifetime IT support for contract customers