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The next step is to use the data mined during Discovery to formulate the best approach to maximize your company’s future. With our knowledge, know-how and vast experience we are perfectly placed to cultivate a complete strategy for your e-commerce company.

Brainstorming Sessions

A no-holds-barred, all-out brainstorming session where no idea is off the table and nothing is out of bounds. The perfect environment to conceive and nurture your company’s ideal strategy until it’s ready to be unleashed.

Research and Intel Gathering

We scour the web, leaving no stone unturned, to find any and every possible stratagem, no matter how remote or obscure, until we find the right tactics to transform your future. We expect to find the keys to unlock your business’s growth, and we won’t stop looking until we do.

Best Practice Recommendations

Next, using industry norms and best practices we funnel and filter the possibilities, winnowing out the chaff until only the choicest kernels of strategy remain. Then, we can begin weaving those threads together into the initial framework of your action plan.

Marketing and Creative Strategy

Our expertise isn’t limited to the nuts-and-bolts technical side of e-commerce, in fact we’ll structure a complete Plan for you. Covering everything from design to marketing to back-end solutions Hara Partners represents the ideal in one-stop e-commerce solutions.