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The process continues as your plan progresses from the intangibles of the Strategy stage to the solid reality and order of a battle plan. We’ll transform the tactics and techniques we’ve previously uncovered and outlined into a blueprint of actual deliverables and provide a roadmap to drive the design and development process.

Blueprint and Site Map

The process begins with charting our chosen course, laying it out from start to finish, to identify possible danger areas, potential pitfalls and bottlenecks. We’ll prune, where necessary, to remove bloat, and reroute to avoid trouble zones until we feel the plan is prepped enough to be finalized and put on paper.

Establish Milestones and Timeline

Next, we’ll pore over our strategy roadmap to find the natural checkpoints we can use to mark our progress and identify the signposts by which we’ll measure our efficiency. Yet, another example of Hara’s commitment to maintaining transparency throughout its dealings and another chance for you to assess our progress and add any fine-tuning.

Assign Tasks and Responsibilities

The final cog in this section of the process is to put faces to tasks. This way you’ll be familiar with the team before any work is done, and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with personally knowing each and every member.