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We maintain relationships with our clients long after the initial Launch has been completed, so we can continue building your online brand and growing their companies. We’ll be there with updates, maintenance and support, and to build new solutions as your businesses needs evolve over time.

Performance Optimization

Using our reporting software to gain tremendous insight into how your store is performing, and to show us the areas where improvements are necessary, we’ll tune and tweak your build until it’s running at peak efficiency. And as changes happen over time we’ll remain to optimize the software at each turn.

Magento Support and Maintenance

Our collaboration doesn’t end when we go live, in fact we’ll stick with you throughout the life of your business providing active Magento support and product maintenance; getting your website build done by Hara Partners means you’ll always have a trusted teammate in your corner.

New Feature Development

We understand that business is fluid and what works today may not cut the mustard in tomorrow’s marketplace, so as part of our commitment to our partner companies we promise to be there for you going forward so you’ll have someone to turn to when you need a new business tools developed. And you’ll get the same high level of professionalism and responsibility for even your smallest job that made Hara Partners an industry leader.

Product Photography

Hara Partners understands the necessity of putting your best foot forward, and its for that reason that we chose to build our own in-house photography studio: we just couldn’t stomach leaving so integral a piece in the anyone else’s hands but our own.