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We pride ourselves on our design and development quality standards and until we’re satisfied with our offering we’ll continue to work at it. Once we’re happy, and you’re given the go-ahead it’s time to launch the new, improved site.

Final Testing and Quality Assurance

We’ll put the entire system through its paces one last time: we’ll kick the tires, tax the system, click every link and push every button until we’re certain that when we go live we’ll do so smoothly.

Review and Approval

After we’ve ironed out the final kinks you’ll be brought in for a comprehensive walk through. When you’ve seen enough, and you’re as pleased as we know you’ll be, you’ll nod and smile and we’ll move forward to the final step…

Launch Process

Normally a daunting, even overwhelming, event, but you’ll be sipping Mai-Tai’s as we do all the heavy lifting and obsess over all the details. The process involves upwards of 100 minor but vital steps like shipping and tax minutiae and code compression and we’ll handle all of them and any other issues that may crop up.

Training and Support

Finally, we host a complete training session – all the software in the world isn’t worth much if no one knows how to run it. You’ll feel confident that your employees will be comfortable with the new software before they need to use it, that way there’ll be no slow down or loss of efficiency when we go live.